Lubricates locks, hinges, windows. Ideal lubricant for all metal-to-metal Penetrating magnetic lubricant.  Breaks
Silences rubber bushings, fan belts, applications.  It reduces friction & fights loose faster rusted nuts, bolts, pipe
doors, trunk lids.  Waterproofs ignition rust & corrosion.  Long-lasting and will not threads, etc.  Displaces moisture & does
systems.  Stops freezing & sticking of melt or freeze under normal conditions. not evaporate.  Remains on the surface
doors, hood & trunk lids.  Protects & Protects & lubricates automotive parts, as a lubricant & rust inhibitor. 
lubricates motors, machinery, tools, & tools, & equipment.
dies.  Use as a release agent on molds &  
gaskets.  Waterproofs & repels moisture.  
Part No.  75118 Part No.  75119 Part No.  75105
12 per Case 12 per Case 12 per Case
Prevents seizing, galling, & corrosion Dry lubricant spray. PENETRATING
of metal parts in temps of -65oF to Reduces friction -- retards wear. LUBRICANT
+2000oF intermittent.  Assures easier Temperature range:  -20oF to +1000oF. Designed to quickly displace moisture,
disassembly of parts even after Cleaner application.  Dirt & foreign penetrate rust and corrosion, clean
exposure to extreme temps & particles will not adhere to product, and lubricate moving parts. True
corrosive conditions. providing better lubrication & less four way action.
wear on parts.  Applications:  chain &
Part No.  75120   8 oz. Brush-Top Can sprocket, door locks & hinges, Part No. 75104
Part No.  75122  12 oz. Aerosol Can reduction of sliding friction 12 per Case
12 per Case  
Part No. 75127
12 per Case